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Mario Gallucci

MFA in Visual Studies – Pacific Northwest College of Art 2014

BA in Digital Media/Acting – Elon University 2004

[336] 430-8821


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Interview with Psychology Tomorrow Magazine: Counterfeit Objects


Artist Statement

“Art capable of real social meaning—change—is art capable of manifesting a new set of values. New perceptions breed new values. They breed them tacitly, by implication.”   -Robert Irwin

The mental pressure objects exert on the subconscious leads me to create work engaging human perception as it relates to objects. Through, a combination of photography, painting, and sculpture, I create 1:1 scale replicas of the everyday. These works operate in a liminal space between existence and representation. They cast the mundane in a new light— questioning significance, value, and their relational effect on the human condition.

Humans are dependent on vision and trust in surface. This trust allows an object to stand out like a beacon, or to be camouflaged in plain sight. Ultra-visible objects provide immediate affect, while invisible objects require a more careful consideration to fully experience.

It is in this way that a room of seemingly normal objects can upend expectations of a space and reopen a path to a childlike sense of wonder. In a time when everything imaginable seems to already exist, I promote object-making by recreating the ordinary through extraordinary means.



Mario Portrait-smallCurrently living in Portland Oregon as an MFA in Visual Studies candidate at Pacific Northwest College of Art, Mario Gallucci hails from Greensboro, North Carolina. Before moving to Portland, he lived in Japan teaching English where he learned photography. Afterwards, he worked for 6 years at Green Hill Center for NC Art as a curatorial assistant, graphic designer, and freelance photographer. He holds a BA from Elon University in acting and digital media. As the son of a sculptor and a biologist, his artistic interests range from taste and flavor, personal and collective memory, charts, diagrams, and power objects. He has shown internationally, and has been published in JPG magazine. His has received a RACC Project Grant, a Silver ADDY for photography and a North Carolina Artist’s Hub Grant.